About me

I am a Psychoanalytic Psychotherapist and an Art Psychotherapist.

I work with adults and minors in individual and group sessions. I have been a therapist for 15 years, and in my private practice I have been working extensively with clients who suffer from different disturbances.

I help clients overcome emotional difficulties, self-sabotaging behaviors, body problems, bereavement and depression, traumatic experiences and addictions.

I am a researcher in Integrative Therapy. I have been using Advanced Integrative Therapy tools in my practice.

I am interested in psychoanalysis, psychotherapy, spiritual growth, art, music, dance and performances, religion, Taoism, physics and Jungian psychology.

Private Practice:

The cost of psychotherapy sessions is between 1000 HKS to 2000 HKS.

My private practice take place in Hong Kong Island area, HK.

Jungian oriented Psychoanalysis


Art psychotherapy


Skype sessions: Skype therapy is exactly the same as face-to-face counselling or psychotherapy in person, except that it is by video. I am offering a free first Skype consultation and Skype sessions. The cost of the Skype therapy session is  1000 HKS.

Languages: English and Italian

For a confidential consultation email: undergr1@hotmail.comAA


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